Maybe it all just worked out this way, but the UFC will be all over the place in the coming days.

It started last weekend with a packed UFC Fight Night 26 debut on FOX Sports 1.

Next Wednesday, the crew heads to Indianapolis for UFC Fight Night 27 featuring Carlos Condit and Martin Kampmann in a key welterweight contest.

Following that, just two days later, will be UFC 164 in Milwaukee.

And the Wednesday after that? A break? Nope, a card in Brazil, UFC Fight Night 28.

All total, barring any last-minute injuries or issues, the UFC will bring 49 fights to television over a 20-day stretch.

Forty-nine fights, one title on the line, several other former champs and contenders in action, spanning two continents and three U.S. states.

That’s a pretty task at hand, especially if you take out UFC Fight Night 26 and focus on the last three which all go down within eight days of one another.

Some feel the UFC is trying to do too much in too short of time. Watering down the product, as they like to say.

Do I agree?

As a reporter, sometimes it feels like these events are coming at a rapid pace.

As a fan of the sport, hell no!

The more the better I say.

Do NFL fans wish games were spread out more, or do you love that 17 weeks of regular season action come at you BAM! BAM! BAM! followed by a few weeks of the postseason right after?

Of course not. Most complain about the two-week break between conference finals and the Super Bowl.

I say, keep it up UFC. Bring it on, baby!