Carlos Condit vs. Martin Kampmann

Round One: Kampmann immediately goes for the takedown on Condit and gets it. Condit looks to shift his hips and he’s looking to lock up an arm or a leg. Kampmann rises above him for some ground-and -pound, but Condit is staying out of danger. Condit breaks free and Kampmann brings him right back to the ground briefly before Condit gets up and lands a nice elbow on the break. Condit snaps his jab and tries a wheel kick that is way off the mark. Kampmann executes another takedown before the round closes. Fast start!

Round Two: Kampmann again goes for the takedown after Condit comes close with a head kick. They trade more punches and Condit’s seem to be landing harder than Kampmann’s. Condit tries mixing up his attack with elbows and punches and Kampmann again looks to shoot. Condit defends and stays on Kampmann until the end of the round.

Round Three: Condit again going for spin kicks and long punches before Kampmann gets another takedown. He’s gonna have to keep this pace if he wants to win a clear cut decision. Condit finds his way to his feet and lands some damaging blows on Kampmann’s face and he’s starting to show signs of being in a war already. Condit continues with a wide variety of strikes coming from all angles and Kampmann is a bloody mess. Condit gets Kampmann’s back off a poor takedown attempt from the Hitman and it’s almost locked in, but the heart and toughness from Kampmann is undeniable.

Round Four: Kampmann looks to have gathered himself between rounds three and four and he gets an immediate takedown like he did at the start of the opening round. But Condit knows that he almost had Kampmann out of there at the end of the third and powers his way back up to continue where he left off at the end of the third. Big left uppercut from Condit snaps Kampmann’s cap back and more big punches follow. Kampmann is hurt and he’s fading fast. Knees in the clinch finish the job and the ref. rescues Kampmann from any further punishment! Condit avenges his early UFC loss to Kampmann in a back and forth, up and down thriller!

Carlos Condit defeats Martin Kampmann via TKO @ :54 seconds of Round Four