The UFC Fight Night 27: Condit vs. Kampmann 2 main card carries on in the welterweight category with a battle of two Ultimate Fighter season winners, Court McGee and Robert Whittaker. There hasn’t been too many fighters to come off the TUF show who have proved to be as tough as McGee (15-3, 4-6 UFC), who made the move to 170 after consecutive losses at middleweight. Whittaker (11-2, 2-0 UFC) has proven to be a powerful standup fighter with some decent takedown defense to back it up.

McGee vs. Whittaker

Round One: Both fighters trade early jabs and kicks with nothing significant landing. McGee staying aggressive but Whittaker is holding his own. McGee continues to move forward and a left from Whittaker catches him clean. McGee briefly gets Whittaker down but the 22-year-old is fast to make his way back to his feet. A short elbow in close from Whittaker appears to have cut McGee with a counter shot, but McGee ignores it and continues to press Whittaker backward and goes for a takedown before the end of the round.

Round Two:  McGee takes the center again, Whittaker keeps his cool and keeps peppering away with a lead left jab. McGee lands a clean shot that drops Whittaker and he’s right back to his feet. McGee tries to go for his back but Whittaker doesn’t allow it. A standing elbow over the top by Whittaker tags McGee and Whittaker responds with a right. Both fighters keep up the high pace and Whittaker goes high for a kick before the round comes to a close.

Round Three: McGee again charges forward and both of these fighters are showing signs of being  in a back and forth battle. Whittaker sets up a left hook with a jab but McGee isn’t backing away. McGee begins throwing more kicks while setting them up with a countless amount of punches. McGee peppering away at Whitakker and the young 22-year-old is still returning with strikes of his own, but the constant pressure form McGee is too much for him. Great receptiion from the crowd for both men!

Court McGee defeats Robert Whittaker via split decision