UFC Fight Night Condit vs. Kampmann 2 main card action continues in the bantamweight division, when the always tough World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) veteran Takeya Mizugaki (17-7, 3-6 UFC) takes on the up-and-coming young prospect Erik “Goyito” Perez (13-4, 3-0 UFC) to possibly enter the top 10 in the 135 lb rankings. Mizugaki, who has yet to string together two wins since coming over from the WEC. Perez has nearly shined through as a possible contender for the title with his dynamic performances in the Octagon.

Perez vs. Mizugaki

Round One: Both fighters come out to trade punches and they land on each other right away. Mizugaki clocks him with a clean shot and Perez returns with jumping knee that looked close. Mizugaki pushes forward and Perez gets a quick takedown and Mizugaki gets back to his feet fast. Perez  again looks for the takedown and he gets it briefly before Mizugaki gets free. They exchange for a minute and this time it’s Mizugaki  who’s looking to take Perez to the ground. He does and moves to back mount before trying to lock in a rear naked choke on Perez. Perez shakes him off and manages to get away before finding his own takedown at the end of the round

Round Two: Perez with a body kick and tries another jump knee, but Mizugaki is a seasoned veteran and gets just out of the way before landing a huge right hand. They trade some more and Mizugaki appears to be landing the more damaging blows. Perez is going for the tackle relentlessly and Mizugaki defends perfectly. Mizugaki lands and Perez answers with a kick. Perez wings shots with reckless abandon while Mizugaki keeps his style technically sound. Both fighters trade shots before the round comes to a close.

Round Three: The incredible output by both bantamweights have them slowing down and it’s Mizugaki who gets a takedown, but Perez pops back up to his feet. A takedown by Perez but he can’t seem to keep Mizu down as the vet returns to his feet and gets a takedown on Perez! Muzugaki gets both hooks in and locks a hold of the rear naked choke. Perez wiggles his way out and a ton of heart shown by the young 23-year-old. Perez again trying to take Mizugaki down and Mizugaki holds him off before some wild exchanges to end the round.

Takeya Mizugaki defeats Erik Perez via split decision