August 28, 2013 — The UFC returns to Fox Sports 1 for UFC Fight Night 27: Condit vs. Kampann 2 from Bankers Life Fieldhouse in Indianapolis, Indiana. Tonight’s fight card will get started with 6 preliminary bouts on Facebook and Fox Sports 2 (formerly FUEL TV), beginning at 4:30 EST/1:30 PT.

Prelim Card (Fox Sports 2):

185 lbs.: Dylan Andrews vs. Papy Abedi

Abedi controls the standup to start the fight and Andrews is laying back and waiting for an opening. Abedi peppers away with kicks to the leg and Andrews answers with some punches of his own. Abedi looks for a takedown and gets it before advancing to mount, Andrews finds his way back up to his fee briefly before Abedi gets him down again. Abedi looks for a guillotine but Andrews is defending well and gets Abedi on the cage. Abedi hits a whizzer and lands on top for some more ground-and-pound and goes back to the guillotine choke. Andrews stays out of danger and looks to get his own takedown before the round ends.

Abedi continues with his kicking attack and Andrews appears to be hurt. Andrews answers with kicks anyway and Abedi returns with an overhand and gets the takedown. Abedi again goes for the takedown and works light knees to the body and hard ground-and-pound before attacking with a front choke. Andrews stays out and makes his way back up and both fighters are winded after the intense grappling exchanges as the round comes to an end.

Andrews appears to be the fresher fighter and Abedi is slowing down considerably Andrews gets pressed against the fence and Abedi holds him there until Heb Dean separates them. They clinch and Andrews lands a series of uppercuts that puts Papy on his ass and more punches find their mark, Abedi falls flat on his face and Andrews continues with combinations while Abedi’s head is bouncing off the floor like a basketball.

Dylan Andrews defeats Papi Abedi via knockout @ 1:32 of Round Three.

170 lbs.: Brandon Thatch vs. Justin Edwards

Thatch takes a straight forward approach as he is the taller fighter. They tie up and Thatch is controlling the clinch with some solid knee strikes. A head kick from Thatch floors Edwards but he pops back up and looks to grab the clinch. Thatch is landing everything he’s throwing — uppercuts, knees and right hands. Edwards is getting busted up fast and falls down, Thatch stays on him like glue and Edwards is close to being finished! Edwards tries to grab a leg but Thatch just stands over him and lands drilling punches with everything he’s got. Edwards tries again to get a hold of a single-leg, but Thatch is too strong. Edwards rolls over and a few more punches seal the deal.

Brandon Thatch defeats Justin Edwards via TKO @ 1:23 of Round One

145 lbs.: Darren Elkins vs. Hatsu Hioki

Big reception for the hometown kid Darren Elkins. Both fighters circle on the outside and lunging in with hook shots. Hioki lands and Elkins returns with his own. Hioki gets some strikes in and Elkins goes for a takedown, Hioki defends well and serves him a body kick for his troubles. Hioki repeats his attack to the body, going from punches to stepping kicks and Elkins shrivels to the canvas. Hioki is on him like glue and Elkins shakes him off his back and a wild scramble before the end of the round!

Elkins knows he’s down a round and looks to lead with power strikes but Hioki isn’t having none of it and gets a takedown. Elkins waits for Hioki to look to advance position before he finds his way up.Hioki goes back to the attack to the body and Elkins goes upstairs with heavy punches. Hioki continues with the kicks and pays for it when Elkins takes him down. Hioki tries everything to get free but Elkins heavy on top. Hioki almost makes his way back up until Elkins takes him right back down. A kimura attempt by Hioki leads to him taking Elkins’ back and Elkins shakes him off, Hioki lands in mount, and they scramble again before the round ends.

Elkins starts landing some hard punches standing and Hioki isn’t liking it. While he’s now concerned about Elkins’ standup, he gets taken down again. Hioki looks comfortable off his back and looks to control Elkins’ wrist. Elkins begins landing some light ground-and-pound from Hioki’s guard. This continues for the remainder of the round

Darren Elkins defeats Hatsu Hioki via unanimous decision

170 lbs.: Jason High vs. James Head

Head comes out and leads with punches while High backs away and uses low kicks and High ducks under for the takedown and gets it with ease. High starts working ground-and-pound, Head tries to stand up but High doesn’t allow it and sinks in a guillotine choke from mount that forces the tap out.

High via submission (guillotine choke) @ 1:41 of Round One

Preliminary Card (Facebook):

170 lbs.: Ben Alloway vs. Zak Cummings

Alloway comes out with kicks to the leg, Cummings lunges forward and Alloway ducks under for a takedown but doesn’t get it. Cummings goes for the trip and Alloway works for a guillotine. Cummings briefly gets the takedown before Alloway returns to his feet. They trade punches and kicks before Cummings presses Alloway against the fence. Alloway defends nicely but Cummings is relentless on it and gets the takedown. A D’arce attempt by Cummings is locked in and Alloway tries to roll out, but it’s too late!. The tap comes and Cummings makes a successful welterweight debut.

Zak Cummings defeats Ben Alloway via D’arce choke @ 4:19 of round one.

155 lbs.: Roger Bowling vs. Abel Trujilo

Both fighters come out and take the center of the cage. Big punches by Bowling stumble Trujilo and he returns with some shots of his own. Bowling pushes forward and keeps throwing heavy punches that keep Trujilo off balance before he picks him up and slams him down. No damage is done on the ground and Trujilo makes his way back to his feet. They exchange some punches and kicks then Trujilo takes Bowling down. Bowling gets right back to his feet before the end of the round.

A hard kick to the body by Bowling lands flush. Trujilo keeping an active jab and begins going over the top with his right hand.  Bowling continues to mix it up with punches and takedowns, but Trujilo stays strong on the fence and isn’t allowing Bowling to take top position. Trujilo gets to his feet and lands a big knee followed by a two-punch combination that stuns Bowling. Both fighters break away from the fence and start exchange punches again. Big uppercut by Bowling tags Trujilo and he backs away. Trujilo keeps his jab in Bowling’s face and keeps setting up his hook shots. Bowling again gets the takedown and he starts working for a rear naked choke. Trujilo finds his way out and has Bowling along the fence and lands two huge knees and some follow up shots and Bowling is out!

The referee was going to deduct a point, but the bout was declared a No Contest (NC) as Bowling was knocked out.