Benson Henderson is a man on a mission.

This Saturday night, Henderson will attempt to score his fourth successful UFC lightweight title defense when he faces Anthony Pettis at UFC 164.

Since he became the champion, “Smooth” has set a goal to break the record for most UFC title defenses. That mark, set by Anderson Silva, is at 10 after Silva’s recent loss to Chris Weidman.

For Henderson, he has it all planned out – and even adjusted for his wedding and honeymoon – as far as getting to No. 11.

“I should be able to break it by 2015, but because I’m getting married I’m going to take some time off for my honeymoon. That’s going to set me back by about three to four months. But I have it down exactly. I know when I’m going to break it,” said Henderson, during a recent interview with “It’s going to be early 2016. I know what number I need to get. I know the amount of hard work it’s going to take for me to get there. I know how much I’ve got to get beat up, I know how much I’ve got to practice. I’m aware of it. I know it. Now my goal is to go out there and go do it.

“I’m going to break it in 2016.”

Henderson won the belt from Frankie Edgar last year, and earned defense No. 1 in a rematch with “The Answer.” He has since defeated teammates Nate Diaz and Gilbert Melendez, with all four bouts going to a decision.

Not to interject wrongly on Henderson’s quest, but Georges St-Pierre sits at nine title defenses and can tie Silva’s mark later this year. Just something he might want to consider.