Clay Guida was stopped by Chad Mendes Saturday night at UFC 164.

For Mendes, earning knockout finishes is nothing new, as it marked his fourth straight one.

However, doing it against a fighter the caliber of Guida was impressive, as it marked the first time “The Carpenter” has been halted in his career by strikes.

“I needed to make a statement,” said Mendes, who is 4-0 since a loss to UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo in 2012. “I want that title shot; I want Jose Aldo.

“I want that belt.”

Mendes was well ahead of Guida through two-plus rounds, defending his takedowns and effectively striking with the unusual fighter. When he found the opening to finish, though, he made it count, saying “I needed to take my time and I found another hard punch to the chin that ended it” because he knew Guida was difficult to put away.