MMA fans waited years and years to see Frank Mir and Josh Barnett finally square off.

Many left UFC 164 feeling a bit, well, cheated, after the referee stopped the fight in the first round.

Was Frank Mir unable to defend himself following a nasty knee delivered by Josh Barnett? We will never know, as Rob Hinds stepped in and called off “The Warmaster.”

After the match, Barnett agreed to “come back after the main event and do it again,” if Mir wanted, adding, “if we have to go do it in the parking lot, we can.”

UFC president Dana White agreed with the fans who booed the decision, saying he felt the stoppage was unjust in his own DFW way.

“(Expletive) ridiculous stoppage!!!!” White posted on Twitter. “The guys with experience make mistakes mistakes. That guy had no business being in the Co Main event!”

Will the UFC decide to give MMA fans a re-do and pair them together? We can only hope.