Thousands of eyes will be on Glover Teixeira at UFC FN 28 tonight, not only because of his impressive skills, but because if he defeats Ryan Bader he could secure a title shot at light-heavyweight. Of course, Bader is no joke and has showcased the ability to violently end a fighter’s night rather quickly, but Teixeira has looked pretty impressive thus far in the UFC.

Of course, light-heavyweight champ Jon Jones is in a similar situation as Teixeira, as most people expect he will defeat Alexander Gustafsson on September 21st, even though the challenger is also dangerous. As a result, folks are already speculating on how a Jones-Teixeira fight might go down. So what’s Teixeira’s take on a potential fight between the two? While speaking to MMA recently, the 33 year-old was quoted saying:

“I truly believe in my weapons, I believe I can beat [Jones],” Teixeira said. “I thank my friends for trusting in me, people that saw what I can do while training. I can’t say too much, I have to go there and win. We will see when the time comes. I’m getting closer to where I want to be and I don’t feel any pressure because of that. I love to fight, I love to be there. On my first fights in the UFC I felt a little nervous, but I don’t feel that anymore. I’m used to that already.”

Of course, Teixeira isn’t oblivious to the fact that Jones is the light-heavyweight champion for a good reason. He’s really good.

“Jon Jones is a good fighter,” he added. “He’s a great wrestler and striker, but his best weapon is his intelligence. He fights the fight his way, and that makes him victorious.”

First things first, however, and that’s “Darth” Bader. UFC FN 28 will take place in Belo Horizonte, Brazil and the card will be broadcast throughout the U.S. on FOX Sports 1.

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