Bryan Caraway wants to put all the issues between himself, Ronda Rousey and Miesha Tate to the side.

Caraway, the boyfriend of Tate’s, will appear on the 18th season of The Ultimate Fighter as a coach. He is also an active member of the UFC’s fighting roster.

Since Tate and Rousey first crossed paths in Strikeforce, the three have had run-ins both verbally and through Twitter.

Now, Caraway is attempting to patch things up as best he can.

“I don’t have any ill thoughts or bad intentions toward Ronda,” he said, during a recent interview with Sports Illustrated. “I don’t hate her and I want her to know that.

“She’s a talented, world-class athlete. I think she’s a stud fighter.”

Where Caraway takes issue, though, is with how she “approaches things and conducts herself.”

“I don’t feel like she’s a role model and I think there’s a lot better ways to go about it,” he added. “Her, Miesha and I are just completely different types of people.”

For what it’s worth, Rousey has stated time and time again that she doesn’t consider herself a role model and will make mistakes, especially being in the public eye.