It’s been over two months now since Chris Weidman sent a collective gasp throughout MMA by taking out Anderson Silva, and details continue to surface as to why the UFC 162 bout was even more memorable. While Weidman has become a huge star thanks to the victory, and the fact his home was damaged by Hurricane Sandy is well documented, it sounds like the middleweight champ’s financial situation has improved dramatically.

In a recent story by MMA,  one of Weidman’s coach, jiu-jitsu guru John Danaher, was quoted saying the following about the fighter’s predicament prior to July 6th.

“He was essentially homeless,” Danaher said. “He was financially completely bankrupt. I remember I had to lend Chris thousands of dollars out of my own pocket just to keep him solvent while he’s preparing to fight Silva. And his life was essentially in chaos. One day when people know the full story of what happened, I’m not kidding when I say this, it’s like a goddamn Hollywood movie. It’s Rocky Balboa. It’s insane.”

Things have not surprisingly, however, changed for the better. As Weidman relayed:

“I’ve never had anything,” he says. “I just wanted to one day live comfortable. Like, be able to go out to lunch with my friends without being like, crap, I don’t know if I can afford this bill right now. I shouldn’t be doing this. That’s all I really wanted. And because of the UFC and where I’m at now? I don’t have to worry about.”

Up next Weidman will rematch Silva on Decemebr 28th at UFC 168, and if the “All American” wins again, his financial prospects will be even more promising.

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