Glover Teixeira may have scored his 20th straight win at UFN 28 and could be headed for a title shot,  but not everyone is convinced he has what it takes to end the reign of Jon Jones. Not surprisingly, the 26 year-old champion and #1 ranked P4P fighter is one of them.

Of course, Teixeira had pretty much cruised through his UFC opposition prior to September 4th, but Ryan Bader managed to land several telling shots during their recent fight and had the Brazilian in trouble. While Teixeira rebounded to record a first round, stoppage victory, some pundits and fans believe the bout raised some red flags.  While speaking at a recent media event to promote his UFC 165 bout with Alexander Gustafsson, here’s what Jones had to say about Teixeira (quote via MMA

“I thought he showed signs of being a high-level fighter,” said Jones. “I don’t think he’s ready to beat me. I thought he showed signs, being punched that hard by Bader shows me where he’s at. No matter what your excuse is, it still happened. If you’re a seasoned vet and you said you allowed overconfidence to be your weakness, it’s still a weakness you allowed to happen in the first place. If you have a great opponent and great understanding, then you won’t rush into a guy like Ryan Bader who is obviously going to swing big, looping punches at you. I don’t think he’s the guy who’s going to beat me.”

Teixeira has acknowledged since the victory that he didn’t employ the strategy he was supposed to, and certainly any fighter can have an off night, but it does seem like the renowned fighter has lost a little bit of his contender buzz. In fact, at a recent Google Hangout, UFC President Dana White relayed that Daniel Cormier will “probably” be the #1 contender at 205, if he defeats Roy Nelson next month and cuts down to light-heavyweight. Whether that means Teixeira could lose the title shot the promotion recently announced, remains to be seen. First things first,  Jones needs to get by Gustafsson, who’s been granted a title shot for a good reason.

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