Hold the boat, people.

UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman wasn’t 100-percent healthy and feels he was “sluggish” during his victory over Anderson Silva earlier this year.

Before you start attacking me, those were the words of “The All-American” himself earlier this week during an appearance on “The MMA Hour,” not mine.

Weidman will be able to “improve upon” his own knockout victory when he faces Silva this December at UFC 168. The two are currently on a World Tour with the UFC promoting the fight.

“I expect to feel better in this fight,” Weidman said. “I won’t have to deal with coming off two surgeries. I just feel like I was a bit sluggish in that last fight.

“I didn’t really feel 100-percent, but I got the ‘W,’ which is good. In this next fight, I feel like I will be a bit more comfortable and confident.”

Weidman, even prior to defeating Silva, constantly talked about granting “The Spider” an immediate rematch. Initially, Silva declined, but he eventually decided to go back after his title and avenge the loss.

“If there wasn’t a lot of doubters right now, this next fight wouldn’t be something that people want to see,” he said. “There are a lot of people that can’t fathom Anderson Silva actually losing to anybody, so that fact that I got him and knocked him out…people are just going to say that he wasn’t serious.”