There was certainly a lot of people who thought Alexander Gustafsson might give Jon Jones a few problems at UFC 165, but the consensus seemed to be that the light-heavyweight champ would retain the belt without any serious, prolonged difficulties. While Jones is still champ, not too many people were predicting that “Bones” would barely get by “The Mauler”, and that he would emerge bloodied and bruised (although it’s not like Gustafsson walked away unscathed either).

Of course, renowned coach Greg Jackson arguably knows better than anyone else just how good Jones is, considering the amount of time they’ve spent training together. So was he surprised by how close Jones-Gustafsson was and what the challenger brought into the cage? Well, while speaking to MMA Fighting afterwards, Jackson offered this:

“Just because I’ve been in the corner so many, so many times, I’ve seen it happen where everybody says there’s no way this guy is going to win, there’s no way, and then he goes in there and gives a great battle and makes it a great competitive fight,” Jackson said. “So, I wasn’t shocked at all. I know Alexander’s great, I’ve studied him a lot. It wasn’t like terribly shocking.

“Certainly I wanted it to be a lot more one-sided than it was, but no I wasn’t shocked or anything like that. It’s just too many years and god knows how many corners I’ve been in, I’ve been in too much to be like, my goodness, what’s happening?”

Now the MMA world is waiting to see if Jones-Gustafsson II could happen in the coming months, and if it does, what kind of approach both men will bring in the rematch.

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