Earlier this week, UFC president Dana White was asked who would be included in his “Fave 5.”

No, I’m not talking about those five closest to him in his contact list on his phone, I mean who would be represented in his pound-for-pound Top-5.

White’s gone after the media in recent months concerning the “official” UFC rankings, but it seems the boss doesn’t quite understand that to include one person in one position, you have to knock another out.

Here’s what White said would be in his Top-5 fighters:

Now, one interesting person listed is that of Anderson Silva and not current UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman.

Sure, it was just one win, but would you leave Silva that high and not include the likes of Weidman, UFC heavyweight champion Cain Velasquez or Anthony Pettis?

Is White using the same approach many votes do in that they only remember the most recent by including Renan Barao, who, technically, is still an interim champion?

I honestly don’t know how you would realistically rank a Top-5 or even a Top-10 in terms of pound-for-pound best fighters in the world. There is so much that one guy does that another doesn’t, so many fighters one – such as Silva – has defeated compared to one – such as Weidman – hasn’t.

If I was pressured and forced to, I would have to go with Jon Jones, Georges St-Pierre, Jose Aldo, Cain Velasquez and Chris Weidman.

Jones should still sport a perfect record, Aldo it feels like does and Weidman actually is. It’s been ages since GSP lost and the Velasquez defeat vs. Junior dos Santos came when he was injured.

There, five fighters, five spots. Done and done…..but, Barao hasn’t lost in forever either. And what about Pettis, who just took out Benson Henderson? Man, there’s also Demetrious Johnson.

So, is there really no right or wrong answer? Possibly.