Tim Kennedy expressed his frustration with losing yet another planned opponent recently.

Lyoto Machida was removed from a scheduled encounter with Kennedy to face Mark Munoz. An injury to Michael Bisping left the UFC in need of an opponent for Munoz.

Now, Kennedy remains opponent-less for UFC Fight For The Troops in early November.

The former Strikeforce contender went out of his way on Twitter Friday night to call out several active fighters to a bout, including Rich Franklin, Cung Le and Gegard Mousasi.

One person that Kennedy talked about, Chris Camozzi, agreed to the fight in principle. The two had a light-heart exchange where Kennedy made fun of Camozzi’s hair, and the fighter responded.

“So (Dana White) this is what happened,” Kennedy wrote. “I made fun of Chris Camozzi’s hair. He got mad… So to settle things we decided to fight!”

Camozzi responded with “(Kennedy) is in, I’m in, let’s get this signed. I’m here to fight everyone.”

No word yet on whether the contest will be made official.