Although Anderson Silva’s first and foremost concern is his upcoming, UFC 168 rematch with Chris Weidman, depending on how things play out over the coming months, the former champ could have some tough decisions to make.

The reason being is that if Silva’s able to defeat Weidman, and a rubber match doesn’t get booked, a fight with “Jacare” Souza could be on the horizon. Not only that, but another training partner and friend, Lyoto Machida, is also dropping to 185 and will battle contender Mark Munoz on October 26th. If he wins, “The Dragon” could also be in the title shot mix.

So, while speaking at a Q&A this past weekend in Rio de Janeiro, here’s what Silva had to say about whether he’d be interested in fighting “Jacare” or Machida (comments via MMA

“I’m a man with honor,” Silva said. “I’d never fight Jacare or Lyoto. I’d even stop fighting just not to fight them.”

“Jacare is a guy that has been doing a great job and can earn a title shot (soon),” he added. “Lyoto is a close friend, a great athlete, and we train together, just like Jacare.”

Now, lots has to fall into place before either of those fights gets tabled, but Dana White may not be too pleased with Silva if the need for them arises.

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