Since arriving in the UFC Renan Barao has gone on to win six straight fights and establish himself as one of the promotion’s best P4p fighters, which is why it was surprising to hear that the bantamweight is having troubles securing sponsorships. Recently, Barao’s renowned trainer and manager Ander Pederneiras said that the Nova Uniao fighter was having difficulties finding sponsors, due to the fact he’s the interim champ rather than the undisputed one.

So, when Dana White was in Brazil recently on a media tour, the UFC President was asked about the comments from Pederneiras and Barao’s situation. Here is some of what the UFC boss man had to say (comments from MMA

“He’s losing money because they’re not doing a good enough job promoting him,” White said. “That’s why they’re losing big money. They’re losing money because he isn’t out there trying get sponsors hard enough. (Barao’s) out there beating all the guys. I love Andre Pederneiras – we go way back. But Andre Pederneiras, some of the things he says are a little out there and a little crazy. It’s not because he’s the interim champion that he’s not getting sponsors.”

“Renan Barao might not have that explosive, dynamic personality, but that dude is amazing when he steps in the octagon,” said White, after citing Conor McGregor as an example of a fighter who’s already commanded a ton of attention. “He’s an incredible athlete, and now he fights to finish. He hasn’t lost in over eight years. Renan Barao will get his due some day.”

One should hope so, especially if he defeats Dominick Cruz next year. That fight, if and and when it happens, should be fantastic.

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