Former NCAA wrestling standout Ben Askren has been calling for a fight with Georges St-Pierre for a while now.

Askren, who’s contract with Bellator recently expired, remains on the sidelines as his status gets figured out.

If he is signed by the UFC, though, Askren wants St-Pierre; and he feels the fighter would make for an easy victim.

“Once I figured out GSP’s dark place didn’t really exist I knew he would be easy prey,” Askren posted on Twitter recently. “Seriously though GSP in 2009 probably would have beat me, but this current version fights way too scared.”

Askren was asked for some advice for St-Pierre, the reigning UFC welterweight champion, in regards to his wrestling, responding “Don’t wrestle me.”

Finally, he added that “I will lay on GSP for as long as I damn well please.”

Rumors of Askren’s impending retirement appear to be false, as the fighter sounds focused on wanting to sign with the UFC and test his skills against the best welterweights in the world.