Chael Sonnen has an opportunity at UFC 167 to defeat a former light-heavyweight champ for the second time in a row, when he takes on Rashad Evans. Although Sonnen has said he’s likely headed back to 185, considering he’s coming off a quick submission win over “Shogun” Rua at UFC FN 26, his prospects at 205 could get really interesting if gets by Evans.

But despite all that, when most people talk about Sonnen these days, it likely involves a discussion regarding his ongoing beef with Wanderlei Silva. Especially right now, as not long ago Silva released a video showing him confront “The American Gangster”, at a Mr. Olympia Expo event in Las Vegas.

So what does Sonnen think about all this? Considering he’s about to fight an extremely well rounded fighter in Evans? While speaking to MMA Fighting recently, here is some of what Sonnen had to say about his ongoing rivalry with Silva.

“He’s a distraction,” said Sonnen, who also relayed the entire situation ticks him off. “He’s a distraction, no doubt about it.”

“It comes back to, on one hand this is pretty weird, man. On the other hand, well done. Well done. You wanted attention. It worked. You’re staying in the headlines by staying out of the Octagon. It’s very hard to stay in the news when you don’t have a fight, and here he is doing it.”

And if you’re one of the people, like myself, who thought the confrontation seemed set up, Sonnen still insists it wasn’t. Sonnen added he couldn’t believe Silva even used the footage, due to the fact he wasn’t scared by “The Axe Murderer’s” surprise visit.

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