Although there’s a lot of buzz surrounding the upcoming Urijah Faber-Michael McDonald at UFC on FOX 9, and for good reason, tonight’s bantamweight scrap between Raphael Assuncao and TJ Dillashaw is also pretty big. The fight features the division’s #9 ranked Dillashaw taking on the #5 ranked Assuncao, and both men have won four straight. As a result, the winner could move on to some pretty big things.

In a recent interview with MMA Radio, Assuncao argued that some folks aren’t paying enough attention to what he’s been demonstrating in the cage. In fact, after relaying he thinks Dillashaw maybe looking past him (as the Team Alpha Male fighter apparently said he also wants to fight at UFC on FOX 9), Assuncao added:

“Everyone’s looking past me,” Assuncao said. “Urijah wants to fight for the title again? That’s not going to happen. I’m not going to be overconfident, but I have the style to fight Barao. I’ve seen highlights of the guy. I’ve heard what he’s doing in the gym. I beat Johnny Eduardo, and he’s got a similar style to Barao. I have the style to give Barao a little more trouble than Urijah. I have the style to have a great main event in Brazil against Barao.”

It is worth nothing that Assuncao is the only man in to the top five ranks who Barao has yet to face. And what does Assuncao think of Dillashaw’s abilities?

“It’s going to be a battle,” Assuncao said. “Every fight is a battle of wills, and I’m just glad that he’s confident. That’s going to make me sharper and give me that extra edge in the fight. The guy’s an athlete. It’s not like he’s never been in there against anybody. He’s put in some time and he’s training with a good group.”

It definitely is one of the more intriguing fights on tonight’s UFC FN 29 card. Here’s hoping it’s a good one as well.

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