While Anthony Pettis is scheduled to defend his lightweight championship versus Josh Thomson at UFC on FOX 9, featherweight champion Jose Aldo is still interested in fighting “Showtime”, and would do so at 155 pounds.

After Pettis announced he wanted to fight Aldo next, following his memorable win over Benson Henderson at UFC 164, Andre Pederneiras (Aldo’s coach) said the bout would have to be at 145. Pettis had been scheduled to challenge Aldo for his belt at UFC 163, until he withdrew due to a knee injury. Well, in a recent interview with MMA Fighting.com, Aldo relayed he was willing to move up and fight Pettis as well.

“Many people talked about moving up (to 155 pounds), and I’ve asked for that,” Aldo said. “But Andre (Pederneiras, his coach) and Dana (White) said it wasn’t the right moment. Moving up to lightweight is closer and closer. When they think it’s time to move up, I’ll do it no problem.”

“Many fans talked about it, and we’re waiting to do this super fight. But they matched him (against Josh Thomson),” Aldo added. “If it was up to me it would have already happened at any weight. I’m an employee and I don’t see any problem with that. I wanted (to fight Pettis) at 155 pounds, of course. He has his title and he wouldn’t be able to steal mine (laughs).”

So, depending on what happens in the coming months, maybe Aldo-Pettis could actually happen sometime in 2014?

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