Daniel Cormier is keen on defeating Roy Nelson this Saturday at UFC 166.

But, he’s already focusing in on a move to light heavyweight immediately after the bout.

Cormier, an ex-Olympian, told members of the media recently that he is already looking at 205 pounds and scouting out possible opponents.

“I am still going to do it,” he said. “I already started to lose weight and have been keeping an eye on the division.”

For Cormier, though, the prospects of claiming a title shot in the near future rests on two things: defeating Nelson and doing so impressively.

“In the past, a guy has shown he can put himself in a position he probably didn’t think he had before by doing something unexpected or looking really good,” the unbeaten Cormier said. “But if I don’t win this fight, it won’t matter what those guys are doing.”