Coming into perhaps the most important fight of his life at UFC 166, Hector Lombard is not faced with many options; either he wins and remains in the UFC, or he loses and gambles on whether his name is drawn to be cut, or not. The UFC has recently been shortening their leash on fighters and canceling many contracts, even those of long-time contenders and top 10 fighters like Yushin Okami and Jon Fitch. But its more than just winning and losing, it’s excitement. Hector Lombard was praised as being one of the most exciting forces in the middleweight division, but with 2 lack-luster performances out of his 3 appearances in the UFC, many argue whether or not that praise was misplaced.

After losing to Yushin Okami in a close decision that saw Lombard make a strong rally in the later part of the fight, Lombard was not faced with many options. The middleweight division is slowly spinning its wheels and it was very possible that it would leave Hector in the dust, kicking him all the way down the ranks while other contenders take his spot. So he did what many UFC employees do, change weight class. Dropping down to 170lbs would not be an easy task at all, especially for the frame that Hector Lombard possesses; slammed full of rippling muscles in a short frame, Lombard’s cut could be devastating to his overall health.

Nevertheless, Lombard has made the weight, and is scheduled to face Nate Marquardt tomorrow night. Lombard could very well be fighting for his job in this bout, as is Marquardt who finds himself on the wrong side of back-to-back fights. It’s important for Lombard to make a strong showing here so he can not only keep his job, but also make an impression in this new division that does not have a fighter quite like Lombard.

Lombard is as explosive as they come, but that explosion needs fuel and its safe to say that Lombard is not the most economic nor efficient in controlling his energy. Most of this is due to his massively compacted frame; all of his muscles need blood and oxygen, which puts his heart and lungs into overdrive after just one round. Lombard has the credentials and power to be one of the greatest fighters on this planet, but his execution and how actions in the cage rest solely in his hands. Lombard has the tools, but it’ll be how he uses them that will grant Lombard the appropriate success.

Get ready for a potentially atomic bout between Hector Lombard and Nate Marquardt  These two men are not just fighting because they despise each other and have called each other out in the past, but they also fight because their jobs depend on it.