Ricardo Lamas has heard talk of a title shot before in the UFC.

So, you will have to excuse the featherweight if he remains optimistic that his next fight will be vs. Jose Aldo for the belt.

“I’ve gotten my hopes up before and been let down, so I’m just training, and I still treat it as if I don’t have anything booked yet,” said Lamas, during a recent interview with FOX Sports. “To be honest, there isn’t going to be any relief until I sign my name on that dotted line.”

Rumors of an Aldo-Lamas title match for the February Super Bowl weekend card were started by UFC president Dana White earlier this month, but even the boss man made it known they are just talk at this point.

Lamas (13-2) remained unbeaten inside the Octagon with a recent victory over Erik Koch. Some of the other top contenders in the division have taken to Twitter to campaign for title fights, but not the Chicago native.

“Some of these guys are flexing their Twitter muscles, trying to act like tough guys over the Internet. I kind of got dragged into a couple conversations (early on), but as of late, I’ve been good and been backing off,” he said. “I pretty much only respond to the people that are positive on Twitter. I use it to respond to the fans, not to start little beefs and act like a tough guy to anybody.”