Jon Fitch’s 2013 campaign  has certainly not gone the way most fans and pundits expected. After losing to Demian Maia in February, the welterweight was surprisingly let go by the UFC, and then Fitch was quickly choked out by Josh Burkman in his WSOF debut. It’s the first time the 35 year-old fighter has lost two bouts in a row in a career that dates back to 2002.

On Saturday, Fitch will try to get back on track versus Marcelo Alfaya at WSOF 6, and while speaking to “The MMA Hour” the vet relayed things have gone much better leading into the fight.

“I have my stuff together much more for this training camp,” Fitch said. “Much more focused for this training camp. A lot of the dust has settled and gone by from all the stuff that happened in the last year. Being released from the UFC and the loss to Demian Maia, I put all that stuff behind me also. It’s been much more focused for this training camp and this fight.”

Fitch also revealed that although he recently left California to take a job at the Pacific Health Club close to Syracuse, New York, AKA will still be home for his training camps.

“I’ll be coming back and training with AKA,” Fitch said. “It’s in the contract that I come back out for training in California. I’m trying to build something out there, we don’t quite have the bodies around for me to be able to do that. [If in] 3-5 years if I’m still in the area, maybe it’s something I’d consider. But we have such a huge group of guys at AKA that it would be stupid not to be there training with them.”

Fitch also recently spoke with MMA Frenzy’s Chris Leslie, and when asked for his assessment of Alfaya as a fighter, the rugged welterweight stated:

He was out of competition for awhile but he’s got good brazilian jiu-jitsu and he has really heavy hands. I feel like he lacks the wrestling skills to really implement his BJJ. So with that said I think his heavy hands stand out as the biggest weapon since he doesn’t have the wrestling skills to get it to the ground when he wants.

And when asked if he feels any pressure heading into Saturday, to demonstrate that the loss to Burkman was a “fluke”, Fitch noted:

No, I don’t like to use the word fluke because I don’t want to disrespect other fighters or anything that happened. I made a mistake and I lost. It is more that I want to get in there and make up for my mistake.

It’s going to be interesting to see how Fitch looks at WSOF 6, and it goes without saying it’s a huge fight for him. If you’re wondering, the only man who has beat Alfaya in his last five fights is UFC contender Jake Ellenberger, which took place at a Bellator card in 2009.

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