With all due respect to Chael Sonnen as a fighter, I’m getting a little sick of the former contender.

I’m not taking anything away from Sonnen in terms of athletic ability or fighting, but his constant center-of-attention stance is driving me bonkers.

He’s been on The Ultimate Fighter.

He’s been in pay-per-view main events.

He’s been in FOX Sports main events.

He’s going to be on another PPV, this time as the co-main event.

And now, he’s going to be on The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil.

Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva need to fight, and if it takes each of them taking a spot on TUF: Brazil as coaches for it to happen, that’s great.

But, along with his hosting duties on UFC Tonight and as part of fight-night coverage, it’s becoming a little too much Sonnen, too often.

Fighters need to make money when they are in their prime and Sonnen is just getting the most bang for his buck that he can. But, the UFC needs to give other fighters a chance to shine in the spotlight.

Brazilians such as Raphael Assuncao and Rafael dos Anjos are scattered across the divisional rankings and deserve spots on TUF: Brazil – but, I understand – again – that Sonnen and Silva will drive rankings, and the fine folks at Globo are probably behind this decision.

Other fighters are more than deserving of co- and main event slots on big FOX cards and pay-per-views, including the likes of Travis Browne, Rory MacDonald and Ricardo Lamas.

To prepare the next wave, the UFC needs to get these guys in those spotlights and build them up to what Sonnen has become.

Maybe once this Sonnen-Silva war is finally over, we can move on…..oh wait, that will probably lead to another encounter between Sonnen and Anderson Silva.