Former UFC champion Tito Ortiz provided fans with some medical insight into his neck injury via Twitter recently.

Ortiz was forced to pull out of a planned main event fight with Quinton “Rampage” Jackson this Saturday in Bellator. It would have marked the debut for both men in the promotion.

However, during a training session, Ortiz suffered a fractured neck. He will be sidelined for the next several months.

“CT scan showed a right C6 pillar fracture,” Ortiz posted on Twitter, through his doctor, William Smith. “By going through a high impact fight as he is scheduled for would put him at high risk for a spinal cord injury. It does appear that he is going to go onto full and complete healing 6-8 weeks.”

Ortiz added that it was the “first bone I broke. It was a freak accident. I train hard. That’s it. No quit in me not in my character.”

He has faced several extended breaks from competition due to neck and back injuries in the past.