Due to the unanimous decision win Cole Miller scored over Andy Ogle at UFC Fight Night 30, there’s no question that the rugged veteran will continue to hold a roster spot with the UFC. Heading into the bout, however, it looked like Miller’s lengthy UFC run was at risk, since the  featherweight had lost three of his last four bouts. According to Miller, the precarious situation he was in was due to poor judging.

While appearing on the latest edition of “The MMA Hour”, here is some of what Miller had to say about judging in MMA (comments via MMA Fighting.com).

“I knew I had to win,” Miller said. “I’ve kind of been up and down, but I’ve only been up and down because of what some 50 and 60-year-old judges have said about my fights. If you actually went back and looked at them, as far as I’m concerned, this is four wins in a row.”

Miller was referring to the split decision loss he incurred versus Nam Phan last August, and most recently a controversial UD loss against Manny Gamburyan.

“I thought I won that (fight against Gamburyan) and so did the media. So did everybody, in fact; Dana White, Lorenzo Fertitta, everybody came back and told me what was up,” Miller said. “I read all the play-by-plays from the media. They all said that I won the fight and that I won every round of the fight, so as far as I’m concerned, I had momentum going into this fight.”

“They’re not even qualified to be making the calls they’re making,” Miller said while talking about the judges. “That’s kind of disgusting and that’s really unfortunate in our sport, because it changes the whole landscape of our sport. When you have unqualified people judging mixed martial arts, it changes the way that mixed martial arts is actually fought, because fighters are now adjusting their styles to please people that don’t know anything about our sport.”

There’s no question a lot of people and fighters likely agree with Miller’s sentiments. Particularly since it seems like too many bouts are awarded to fighters for maintaining top position, despite the fact the fighter below inflicts more damage and tries to finish the fight.

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