How well did I do with my predictions for the UFC Fight for the Troops 3 prelim card? Take a look!

Derek Brunson def Brian Houston via 1st Rd Submission 

The action started off quickly with a 48-second rear-naked choke submission for Derek Brunson who is now 2-0 in the UFC. I knew Brunson’s takedowns were going to be key here, but he didn’t need them as he dropped the newcomer with a head kick. Brunson’s ground superiority took over and he got the submission, just like I knew he would. 1-0 for me.

Seth Baczynski def Neil Magny via Unanimous Decision 

This fight also went just like I thought it would. I knew Seth would have the wrestling advantage and also the strength advantage in the clinch, which is where this fight spent a lot of its time. Both fighters got their fair share of takedowns and strikes, but it was Baczynski’s power and brute-force that overwhelmed Magny. Neil hung tough however and gave Seth some trouble with his own counter-wrestling which I didn’t really see coming from Magny. Baczynski wins a close UD, 2-0 for Team Hodgin.

Yancy Medeiros def Yves Edwards via 1st Rd KO 

WOW! Spectacular knockout by Yancy Medeiros! I knew Edwards has trouble against guys who hit hard, as his tradition Muay Thia striking style is easily countered by heavy-handed sluggers, and this proved that point again. I was banking on Edwards’ movement and counter-striking to be a little too much for a rather inexperienced Medeiros, and it almost was. Edwards and Medeiros were exchanging some heat through-out the first part of the fight, with Edwards landing some solid countering, but Medeiros kept head-hunting and eventually it paid off. I fall to 2-1.

Lorenz Larkin def Chris Camozzi via Unanimous Decision 

Another fight that went exactly as I thought it would. Larkin out-kicked and ultimately out-classed Chris Camozzi who just couldn’t seem to have an answer. Larkin’s stand-up was on another level as his versatile kicking game lit-up Camozzi for three rounds, and also scored a few takedowns just to be sure. Larkin, while he lost a very controversial debut, is a serious threat after seeing his precision and techniques tonight. 3-1 for me.

Amanda Nunes def Germaine de Randamie via 1st Rd TKO 

I’ll admit, I did a poor job in predicting how this fight would go. I figured Germaine’s larger frame and striking skills would overwhelm the smaller wrestler in Nunes, but boy was I wrong. Germaine couldn’t pull the trigger in the beginning of the bout, which was her only chance, much like she couldn’t in her UFC debut. Nunes took advantage of this, closed the distance, and smashed her to pieces on the ground en-route to a first round TKO. I drop to 3-2.

Dennis Bermudez def Steven Siler via Unanimous Decision 

I scored this bout correctly by calling a UD for Dennis, but how this fight played out surprised me. Siler’s supposed “knockout power” that he had after KO’ing Mike Brown in his last fight failed to make an appearance as Bermudez out-scrambled, out-wrestled, and out-powered Steven Siler for three round. Siler is known as a killer submission-artist, but Dennis was just too aggressive on the mat and too strong to be taken advantage of. Siler showed some solid submission defense and heart by escaping a couple close-calls, but Bermudez was just all over him. 4-2.

Francisco Rivera def George Roop via 2nd Rd TKO 

In this fight, I was banking on Roop to play the distance game and utilize kicks and his jab to keep the heavy-handed “Cisco” Rivera on the outside, but he failed to do that which cost him greatly. Rivera is head-hunter, we all knew this coming in, so it would be up to Roop to make sure he didn’t knock his head off. Roop grappled with him the first round, but couldn’t really get much going. The second round, Roop tried to use some in-and-out striking techniques which was not the smarted thing to do. Roop got caught coming in by a guy with a lot of power, and paid for it dearly. 4-3 for me.

Bobby Green def James Krause via 1st Rd TKO 

In what I predicted to be a drawn match-up between Krause’s attempts to drag the fight to the ground against Green’s defensive wrestling and tight boxing, ended prematurely in the first round when Bobby Green planted a salvo of kicks to the upper-groin. I figured Krause’s own stand-up skills would play a part in this fight, but he didn’t have the chance. Krause couldn’t close the distance, and Green made him pay with some sketchy body kicks that arguably landed low, nevertheless, Green gets the first round stoppage and proves his worth once again. I conclude these prelims with a 5-3 record, not too bad considering a few of these fights I predicted nearly 100% correctly.