Depending on who you talked to heading into UFC 166 last month, Cain Velasquez was going to score another one sided win over Junior dos Santos, thanks to the decorated wrestler’s well rounded game. Of course, that’s exactly what happened on October 19th, and as a result there’s not much talk of Velasquez-JDS IV at this point.

Now, several weeks removed from the historic bout, dos Santos has spoke to MMA about the defeat, and here’s what the 29 year-old had to say about the brutal fight.

“I’ve made some mistakes again. My strategy was to brawl because I believed I would be in an advantage with that,” “Cigano” said. “But my opponent knew how to block my standup game and do what he does best. After every fight I’m getting more experience and learning. The most important thing I’ve learned in this fight is about strategy, and I believe he was better prepared than me.”

After the fight, UFC President Dana White relayed he thought the fight could have been stopped much earlier than it was (Velasquez finished JDS in round five). The former champ, however, disagrees.

“I don’t think the fight should have been stopped earlier because Cain and I were both looking for the victory and defending ourselves at the same time to avoid the fight being stopped,” he said. “And you can see that because the fight was over when I went for a submission and hit my head on the mat. I was dizzy and couldn’t defend myself, and then (the referee) stopped the fight.”

It will be interesting to see who the UFC taps to fight dos Santos next. Although he’s been defeated by Velasquez twice, it’s hard to imagine dos Santos falling down the heavyweight ranks anytime soon.

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