Our coverage of Bellator MMA’s Season 9 finale continues with our Bellator 109 play-by-play and live scoring. Be sure to tune in tonight as our play-by-play kicks off with the start of the Spike TV main card at 9PM ET. Make sure to stay tuned and refresh often for live updates from tonight’s card continuing through tonight’s main event between champion Alexander Shlemenko and Season 9 champion Doug Marshall.

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Bellator 109 Play-by-Play:

Patrick Cenoble vs. Terry Etim

Rd. 1- Keith Peterson is our referee. Etim scores a takedown after a brief striking exchange and he goes to work on the ground. Etim with back control and a body triangle now. Cenoble is fighting hands and Etim is mixing in punches now as he looks for the choke. Etim locks up a choke and briefly turns it to a neck crank before giving it up before the round ends. I have it 10-9 Etim.

Rd. 2- Etim is walking down Cenoble with strikes to start the second and then scores an easy takedown. Etim works in the guard and then easily passes to side control. Etim works for mount but it allows Cenoble to recover half guard. Referee stands them up now. Headkick to a level change and takedown by Etim. He is simply outclassing Cenoble but the fans aren’t appreciative. Cenoble escapes back to his feet. Legkicks by Cenoble as the round ends. I have it 10-9 Etim (20-18).

Rd. 3- Etim is using feints and kicks to start the round before transitioning into an easy takedown into half guard. Etim advances to side control and looks for the crucifix. Cenoble tries to bounce up but gives up his back in the process and Etim immediately transitions to a body triangle and looks for the choke. Etim is close to the choke but he cannot seem to get under the chin of Cenoble. Cenoble is firing puches but Etim is undeterred and returns to looking for the choke/crank. Cenoble is visibly frustrated now. Cenoble explodes into a reversal and scores some non-effective punches as the round ends. Looks like an easy 30-27 coming for Etim.

Terry Etim def. Patrick Cenoble via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 30-26)

Lightweight Tournament Final: Will Brooks vs. Alexander Sarnavskiy

Rd. 1- Referee tonight is Keith Peterson. Legkicks by Tiger early. Brooks ducks a punch and looks for a takedown but is stopped easily. Brooks tries another takedown but gets turned into the cage and both exchange knees before they break. Tiger is in and out with several combos. Brooks starts pushing the pace with his own striking before dropping to a takedown that Tiger defends. Brooks locks up a body lock as they stand. Pace slows against the cage but Brooks finally scores a takedown. Tiger is active with his guard however and he stands. Fighters exchange hard punches in the clinch before Brooks scores another takedown. Brooks postures up and throws some punches before moving to half guard. Tiger locks Brooks down to end the round. Should be 10-9 for Brooks.

Rd. 2- Striking to start round too and Tiger is bit more effective. Brooks senses this and goes for a takedown. After being stopped initially, Brooks finally gets him down. Not much is happening here now on the ground as Tiger locks up to stand and Brooks blocks on the ground. Tiger gives up his back to stand and Brooks blocks him and takes his back. Hard strikes from backmount and mount as the round ends. Easy 10-9 for Brooks (20-18).

Rd. 3- Brief striking exchange and then Brooks has him down again. Brooks is landing more and more as the fight wears on and Tiger knows it. Short but accurate punches from Brooks bloody up Tiger along the cage. The Russian tries hammerfists but they’re ineffective. Brooks with full mount and now back mount before body triangle. Hard strikes as the round and fight ends. Should be an easy 30-27 for Brooks and possibly a 10-8 in that final round.

Will Brooks def. Alexander Sarnavskiy via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-27, 30-27)

Welterweight Tournament Final: Rick Hawn vs. Ron Keslar

Rd. 1- Referee tonight is Dan Miraglotta. Headkick by Keslar to start the action and it is checked easily. Hawn is looking to counter but he is rocked by Keslar and ends up being taken down. Keslar is working punches from half guard and stands to deliver damage as Hawn pushes him off to stand. Hawn is back up on the cage now and Keslar uses it to throw more strikes. Clinch breaks and Hawn start to land some punches now. Keslar is eating some nasty counters from Hawn now. Great combo by Hawn. Keslar lands some nice shots as Hawn gets a little loose with his defense and he now looks for a takedown on the cage. Miraglotta warns him now but nothing happens before the round ends. Round goes to Keslar 10-9 but Hawn did a lot to make it tough to score.

Rd. 2-Hawn is landing more counters to start the second and Keslar decides to look for a takedown now. Fighters clinch on the cage and Hawn works out. Nice combo by Hawn. Hawn is finding his range now. Keslar again rushes but does not land much during the rush like he did in the first. Hawn is really landing his jab now. Keslar looks for the clinch along the cage now. Miraglotta warns Keslar and then breaks them up. Keslar’s face is wearing the damage now of those repeated jabs. Nice combos by Hawn as the round comes to a close. Nice headkick by Hawn at the bell. Close round, but it should be even (19-19) heading to the third.

Rd. 3-More of the same in Round 3 as Hawn is scoring nice punches. Hawn rocks Keslar with an uppercut but Keslar clinches and eats a lot short uppercuts. Hawn blasts Keslar again and lands several more short shots. Hawn lands a bomb off the overhand right that gives him a walk-off KO of Ron Keslar. Great referee work by Miraglotta in that fight.

Rick Hawn def. Ron Keslar via KO (punch) at 0:55 of Round 3

Middleweight Title Fight: Alexander Shlemenko (c) vs. Doug Marshall

Rd. 1- Miraglotta is our referee and we’re underway after a touch of gloves. Explosive takedown by Shlemenko after a brief striking exchange and Marshall works back up after mocking Shlemenko. Marshall breaks free and looks to strike. Marshall lands some legkicks but eats a spinning back kick to the body. Takedown attempt by Shlemenko. Marshall is loading up on everything but Shlemenko is defending will. Shlemenko with a gorgeous takedown. Marshall sweeps back to his feet though. Weird moment after a low blow by Marshall. Marshall gets away with a big cage grab to avoid a takedown. Shlemenko with the thai clinch and he lands good knees to the body. Good return by Marshall but Shlemenko gets the clinch again and tees off to the body. Nasty left hook to the body by Shlemenko hurts Marshall bad and Shlemenko attacks like a shark. More kicks and punches to the body. Marshall tries to survive but he is floored by another nasty left hook to the liver and it is over!

Alexander Shlemenko def. Doug Marshall via TKO (body punches) at 4:28 of Round 1