Coming to us from the “Land Down Under”, UFC Fight Night 33: Hunt vs. Bigfoot is bringing an action packed card full of explosive bouts. Topped with one of the baddest New Zealanders on the planet, several other native fighters are featured on the card as well. Look for this Fight Night card to be fueled by something fierce that is the roar of the Australian crowd. But first, let’s peer in at what the betting odds are for this event:

Betting Odds

Mark Hunt -100
Antonio Silva -130

James Te Huna +185
Mauricio Rua -200

Soa Palelei +215
Pat Barry -240

Dylan Andrews -105
Clint Hester -125

Anthony Perosh +640
Ryan Bader -680

Caio Magalhaes +245
Nick Ring -260

Nam Phan +205
Takeya Mizugaki -230

Bruno Santos -105
Krzystof Jotko -125

Justin Scoggins -100
Richie Vaculik -130

Bethe Correia +160
Julie Kedzie -170

Ben Wall +215
Alex Garcia -240

Smart Bets

Caio Magalhaes over Nick Ring at +245

At only 1-1 in the UFC, Caio Magalhaes is in fact a lot better fighter than maybe the common UFC fans make him out to be. Supported by some killer groundwork, Caio is an incredibly strong athlete who is good at taking control of fights and out-working his opponent in every aspect of the game. Given, Nick Ring is a pretty big middleweight, Magalhaes is stacked to the brim with explosive muscle, making this fight a lot more evenly matched when you compare the two fighters physically. I see this bout favoring Magalhaes a lot more than Nick, especially when you look at their individual technical abilities.

Nam Phan over Takeya Mizugaki at +205

Both Phan and Mizugaki are pretty similar fighters, and ironically, both seem to be at the receiving end of “toss-up” calls by the judges. It’ll be funny to see if this one goes to the judges, and especially whether or not anyone gets screwed out of a decision. Nevertheless, I view Phan as a slightly more technical version of Mizugaki on the feet. Mizugaki can get a little reckless, and being that Mizugaki has had some miles clocked in on his body, I expect Phan to be the sharper of the two this weekend.

Clint Hester over Dylan Andrews at -130

A fairly evenly matched fight, but I fear the element of the “hometown advantage” is primarily what is making Andrews appear to be a good match-up. I have no doubt in my mind that a game Clint Hester can out-box Dylan Andrews any day of the week. However, Andrews is arguably the more well-rounded fighter, I expect nothing short of a brawl in this match-up. Both speed and power should favor Clint Hester.