Scott Jorgensen, unable to establish himself as a contender in the bantamweight division, was faced with a tough decision but ultimately decided it was best to make the move to flyweight and test his waters there. He is now pitted against Zach Makovsky – the former Bellator bantamweight champion and current Resurrection Fighting Alliance (RFA) flyweight champion.



Scott Jorgensen (14-7 MMA, 3-3 UFC)  vs. Zach Makovsky (16-4 MMA, 0-0 UFC) 

UFC on FOX 9 hosts a fight between two wrestling-based fighters on the hunt to establish themselves as flyweight contenders. Both fighters being NCAA Div I wrestlers, this fight could go one of two ways. One, we could see one of the two show superior wrestling or two, the wrestling will cancel out and we could see these two slug it out on the feet. Both former bantamweights with Makovsky making his flyweight debut back in May after losing two in a row in Bellator and being picked up by RFA. For Jorgensen, this marks his first fight at flyweight which could pose as a bit of an x-factor if the weight cut effects him. While Jorgensen is seasoned in the UFC, Makovsky should not be overlooked.

Jorgensen [-203] has been scheduled to face three opponents going into this fight: Ian McCall the first, John Dodson the second, and finally Makovsky being the third. The common skill that each possesses is capable wrestling which means that his training camps likely haven’t switched up too much taking away any disadvantage he may have been at due to a last minute replacement.  Jorgensen has hit a bit of a rough patch losing three of his last four, but he isn’t the type of fighter to be deterred so expect the three time Pac-10 Champion to come in hungry looking to impose his superior size and strength on his opponent.

Jorgensen’s Keys to Victory:

  • Jorgensen is going to have a significant size advantage here. He needs to use it early to suck the life out of Makovsky. Bully him against the cage, try and drag him to the ground, and do every thing he can to control where the fight takes place.
  • As with almost all wrestlers, he needs to stay off of his back and put Makovsky on his. No wrestler likes fighting off of their back, so show positional dominance. Makovsky has great scrambles so make sure to mix up striking to allow for clean take downs.
  • Be weary of the single leg. Makovsky has one of the highest success rates in the game off the single-leg.

Makovsky [+167] as mentioned has faced some of the top competition outside of a Zuffa-owned organization, sharing the stage with the likes of Ed West to become the Bellator bantamweight champion, Eduardo Dantas bantamweight title,  and most recently Matt Manzanares to become the RFA flyweight champion. While his resume is impressive for that of a non-UFC fighter, it still pales in comparison to Jorgensen’s which could play a huge factor coming into this fight. However, Makovsky’s skills are not to be disregarded – the former Drexel University wrestling team captain is a very exciting wrestler showing great awareness in scrambles as well as an active top control game. He also has more experience at flyweight and has been tested in the division – we know he can go the distance and not run out of gas whereas that has yet to be seen for Jorgensen as he makes his flyweight debut.

Makovsky’s Keys to Victory:

  • Makovsky will likely have a significant speed advantage. Jorgensen wasn’t very fast for a bantamweight and this likely won’t change much dropping to flyweight.
  • Use defensive wrestling to keep the fight on the feet. Makovsky was able to out strike Manzanares who is surely a better striker than Jorgensen. Makovsky will likely be able to out point Jorgensen on the feet especially given his speed advantage.
  • Threaten with submissions if put on his back to prevent Jorgensen from getting comfortable. He has a very technical submission game, earning two gold medals in World Grappling Championship competition (one gi and one no-gi) so he should be more than capable to threaten his opponent with subs and sweeps.

Prediction: Zach Makovsky defeats Scott Jorgensen via unanimous decision

I’m going to go with the underdog on this one. Makovsky coasted against Manzanares showing  complete dominance against a very capable flyweight and did so on November 22nd which means he will still be in tip-top shape. Jorgensen, on the other hand, hasn’t fought for eight months after being finished by Uruijah Faber. I believe Makovsky is going to come in in better shape having experienced the weight cut before. Makovsky will have more success on the feet which will have Jorgensen shoot predictably for take downs in which Makovsky will be able to scramble away from and even come out on top in some exchanges. Makovsky will also, as he always does, have some good success with his single leg take downs. Jorgensen appears to be nearing the end of his career as a contender and I believe Makovsky will make a name for himself off of this win and impress a lot of people.