UFC President Dana White has announced the UFC will be holding a conference call with Current Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre at 2:20 PM EST. After St-Pierre narrowly defeated Johny Hendricks at UFC 167 in Las Vegas, he left the fans and media with several unanswered questions about his future. Rumors were circling prior to the fight about a possible retirement from St-Pierre after the bout, but St-Pierre just said he needed a break from MMA and wouldn’t answer any more questions.

Fighters.com will be bringing you live updates from the call as they happen.

UFC President Dana White:

  • I agree with GSP 100%. He sat down and told  us he had personal issues. This isn’t baseball, if you aren’t 100% you should sit out  on the sidelines.
  • Dana thanks GSP.
  • This is the right move for GSP. He has alot of issues to deal with.
  • March 15 in Dallas, Texas. Johny Hendricks will fight Robbie Lawler for the vacant title.
  • GSP has always been 100% professional. At the end of the day, its not that big of deal. He was classy enough to say he wouldn’t jam up the division to do this.
  • The guy has been here forever. He has been a professional in everything he has done and how he has carried himself. His legacy is that he is the greatest welterweight ever.
  • GSP has been the gold standard with us. He handles everything like a professional.
  • GSP has issues to deal with. He has issues that he needs to deal with, and they are driving him nuts.  He said he would have a horrible camp if he goes into one with all of this on his mind.
  • He made this decision during the camp for the Hendricks fight.
  • I am working on something else for Condit. I think we need to do something different other than Brown.
  • When a guy comes to me and says he can’t go on, its time to hang them up.
  • Thats a good question. I think if he lost to Hendricks his decision would be the same. I would have to say yes.
  • He just needs to deal with these issues and I think he will be back.
  • I would never tell a guy who isn’t focused that they should reconsider.
  • I made it very clear to you guys that GSP does not need money. He  could walk away forever if he chooses. I think we will see him again.
  • The reason I went with Robbie is because Condit had a shot at the title, and he lost to Hendricks.  Hendricks went absolutely crazy when he heard the news, and Lawler went about as crazy as Lawler does.
  • This is the way the fight game goes. Guys don’t hold titles forever.
  • I am not looking for Matt Brown to come back any time soon. Brown is hurt.
  • As a fight fan, II love the Hendricks/Lawler fight. Its going  to be a dog fight. Its like a Hagler/Hearns fight.
  • GSP said he wanted to change the sport and elevate the sport. GSP did that all over the world.
  • His  contract will freeze until he decides to come back. If he comes back for six months  or six years his contract will come back.
  • Its tough to tell who is greatest of all time. You know what I think of Anderson Silva, but this GSP story isn’t finished yet. We just put a bookmark in it, and we will be continuing the story again.

UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St-Pierre:

  • After talking with the UFC, I have been fighting for a long time at a high level, and its alot of pressure. I decided I needed to tale time off, and I understand they need to keep rolling. So I will vacate my title out of respect for the other fighters. I will come back if I feel up to it.
  • I decided this before UFC 167. It has been alot of pressure.  Every fight I have been adding weight to my shoulders. For me right now mentally, I just feel like I can’t go through another training camp right now. I respect the UFC so I need to vacate my title.
  • Emotionally I need this. I need to take a break. I need to have a normal life for a bit, and I will feel better and come back.
  • I am going to keep training and get better, and live more of a normal life. I will still be a aprt of tri-star. The reason what made me  champion is that I am completely obsessed with everything. I think about it constantly. I am going to keep training and get better, and if I come back one day I will be better.
  • I was going to do this at UFC 167, but I was very emotional and  it didn’t feel right.
  • I believe  one day I will come back, I just can’t say how long. I don’t want to make anyone wait. When I come back it will have  to be  on my terms.
  • I love my sport. I choose this sport. As much as I choose to do it, I am choosing not to do it. This has been a lot of pressure building every fight.
  • Alot of this is because of my personal live, and I keep my personal life personal.
  • If one day I decide to come back, and  I will have to talk to the UFC. If I go straight into a title shot I will be ready. If I have to work my way back up, I will be able to do it.
  • Its been a long time that I wanted to do this. There are things that I want to do. My life is like a zoo right now.
  • If I don’t comeback I am content. I wanted to do things to be remembered and make a difference  in the sport, and I have tried to do it. I have tried to do it.