Tonight’s UFC on FOX 9 action kicked off in the lightweight division as TUF 6 champion Mac Danzig took on TUF 5 veteran Joe Lauzon in tonight’s FOX opener. The bout would see the two TUF veterans battle it out with Lauzon coming out on top in tonight’s opening fight.

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Lauzon Bloodies Danzig for Victory

Joe Lauzon would pick up a solid victory over Mac Danzig in battle of former TUF standouts. Lauzon constantly hunted the finish throughout tonight’s bout but was simply unable to secure the finishing hold. While Lauzon could not get the finish, he did manage to bloody Danzig up with some vicious elbows during tonight’s fight. Tonight’s solid victory sees Lauzon bounce back after his disappointing UFN 26 loss to Michael Johnson, while Danzig has now last his last three and four of his last five fights.


Rd. 1-Lauzon takes control of the cage early and looks to establish his jab. Lauzon with a rush and he gets the fight to the canvas with a double leg after a level change. Danzig tries to use his butterflies but Lauzon an incredible pass to mount. Lauzon with a deep armbar attack but Danzig keeps his wits and ends up on top. Lauzon goes for the armbar and then switches to a triangle and then an omaplata to get Danzig to back out and allow the fighter to stand. Solid elbow by Lauzon the clinch exit but Danzig lands a great combination. Lauzon takes control of the clinch with just under 90 seconds left. Danzig secures a bodylock and reverses position briefly before Lauzon pummels back and secures a takedown with just over 0:30 left. Not much offense takes place before the round ends. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Lauzon.

Rd. 2- Legkick by Danzig to start the action. Great combination by Danzig and he is definitely the quicker striker. Over-under clinch now and Danzig with a solid elbow and punches to keep Lauzon from settling in. Lauzon gets the thai clinch and lands a pair of knees and the fighters break. Nice solid combo by Danzig now and another. Danzig controls the clinch again and lands some nice punches to the body but takes some knees from Lauzon. Lauzon then takes Danzig down as he counters the latter’s trip attempt. Huge elbows and punches to the body by Lauzon as Danzig is bleeding bad now. Danzig is going for elbows from the bottom but Lauzon passes to halfguard and lands a knee to the body now. Lauzon stands and lands a big punch as he passes to side control and then to mount. Armbar attempt by Lauzon ends still in the spiderweb position as the horn sounds. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Lauzon (20-18).

Rd. 3- Danzig comes out firing but to no avail. Headbutt by Danzig stops the action briefly but we’re back quickly. Danzig continues to pressure and lands some nice body shots. Lauzon traps a punch from Danzig and delivers a solid elbow before landing a trip takedown. Danzig is throwing elbows from the bottom but Lauzon returns fire and passes to side control Lauzon establishes Salaverry position now. Stiff elbows by Lauzon now and he passes to mount with ease. Nasty elbows by Lauzon. Lauzon rotates his hips for the armbar and batters the body of Danzig before committing to the armbar too soon and Danzig escapes to top control before Lauzon takes him down again and advances to halfguard with just over 0:30 left. Gorgeous pass by Lauzon into side control and he finishes the round with some nasty elbows that leave Danzig looking a mess. MMAFrenzy has it 10-9 Lauzon (30-27).

Result: Joe Lauzon def. Mac Danzig via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)

Referee: “Big” John McCarthy