The former Pound-for-Pound king and middleweight ruler, Anderson Silva, gets a chance to redeem himself from his July failure when he lost the title to the East Coast up-and-comer, Chris Weidman. It’s a reel that we’ve seen hundreds of times by now, but the well-placed left hook from Weidman raised a lot of questions as to whether Silva took the fight seriously or not. Either way, his performance left much to be desired of the long-time champion, and being how popular of a face he is for the UFC, Silva did not represent himself well at all.

But is he to blame? With Silva’s style, it’s hard to tell whether he is truly looking for opening to devastate his opponent, or if he’s just playing around. Anderson spent the majority of the fight taunting Weidman with his hands down, almost asking to get knocked out. However, one must remember that this is the same style he approaches almost every opponent with. I do not believe Silva should be blamed for “not taking the fight seriously”, but it should be put that his opponent, Chris Weidman, was rather more prepared.

Coming into this highly anticipated rematch, the question still exists as to whether or not Silva will look any different. Silva went as far to say that he is a “new” Anderson Silva, and that he is a “more complete person, dad, and fighter”, but will that prevent him from losing again? When it’s “mono y mono” in the Octagon, no matter of past reputation exists; just fists, feet, knees, and elbows.

If Anderson Silva loses again, there is no doubt in my mind that his Pound-for-Pound status will take a massive hit. Some people still regard him as the number one guy, while others put Jon Jones, Jose Aldo, and GSP, among others, ahead of him. If he loses Saturday, I’d put pretty much every other champion ahead of him (keep in mind, this is current pound-for-pound status).

At 38 years old, Silva may not have enough in him to try again and earn himself another title shot. His legacy alone gave him an immediate rematch, but there’s no way it’ll earn him another one unless they find themselves going to a draw.

The stakes are obviously high for Anderson Silva, but the champion, Chris Weidman, shouldn’t have much pressure. He dominated the first fight, and seeing as how his career is still young and green, he has all the time in the world to make what he wants out of it. Weidman is coming to shut the haters up and prove the title is his, fair and square, but this “new” Anderson Silva could be something we’ve never seen before. Either way, Anderson Silva reputable career can’t afford to take two massive hits back-to-back Saturday night. Should he leave the fans with a disappointing performance, the Anderson Silva we knew of before would most definitely be left in the past.

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