Dustin Poirier def Diego Brandao via 1st Rd TKO

Tension was high coming into this explosive affair as both men had choice words to say about eachother, but the action didn’t disappoint. Both guys went at eachother at the beginning of the round. Poirier was the sharper of the two, landing more and landing ofte, but Brandao gave Poirier a solid remind by stunning him with a hard right hand and taking him down later in the first. Poirier got back up and rebounded strong though as he pinned Brandao’s back against the cage and unloaded with shots to the body. Brandao seemed caught up in the moment and couldn’t do anything other than cover up and try to whether the storm, but the storm would only get worse as Poirier dropped him with a combination and followed up with punches. I predicted Poirier to win by decision in a closely contested bout, but it was clear that these two didn’t want to go the distance. Both men came with fire, but it was Poirier’s technique, precision, and accuracy that gave him the win. 1-0 on the main for my predictions.

Jim Miller def Fabricio Camoes via 1st Rd Submission

In my predictions, I made sure to say something about how dangerous Miller’s ground game is and his willingness to grappler with other high-level grapplers, and this further proves that. Fabricio surprisingly was getting the better of the exchanges on the feet, but Camoes went in for a takedown, got it, and unknowingly started what was the beginning of the end. Miller wrapped up a beautiful armbar from the bottom, and expertly continued it to get the tap out. I predicted Miller to knock Camoes out in the second round, but Camoes surprised me with his stand-up. Nevertheless, the grappler wanted to grapple, and Miller beat him at his own game. 2-0 now on my predictions

Travis Browne def Josh Barnett via 1st Rd KO

The stellar takedown defense of Travis Browne proves itself again as not only being defense, but also offense. Barnett had troubles muscling Browne against the cage and took a big knee to the head in doing so, this forced Barnett to drop down and try for a double leg but Browne isolated the head, and uncorked about 4 devastating elbows to the side of the head just like he did against Gabriel Gonzaga. I’ll admit that I massively underestimated Browne’s takedown defense and figured that a hard-nosed guy Barnett would have no problem over-powering Browne, but man was I wrong. I originally had Barnett by decision, but Browne got the job done and put himself up there as number one or two contender for the belt. With this, I fall to 2-1 in the main card.

Ronda Rousey def Miesha Tate via 3rd Rd Submission

Rousey’s toughest fight came in her second bout against Miesha Tate as she fights the longest fight of her career, going all the way into the third round. While Rousey eventually got the armbar finish, it didn’t come easily. Tate escaped attempt after attempt and gave all Rousey could handle on the ground and on the feet, but Rousey’s relentless stand-up, takedowns, and submission attempts eventually caught up to Tate. I picked Rousey to get this done in the first round, but I almost thought she would go for something else other than armbar – like a leg lock or choke. Rousey did have Tate in a lot of trouble with an inverted triangle, but Tate’s submission defense was on par; unfortunately for “Cupcake”, Rousey was just too much. I continue on to 3-1 on the main card.

Chris Weidman def Anderson Silva via 2nd Rd TKO

WOW! Out of all the outcomes that ran through my head, I never thought that this would have happened. The first round was thoroughly dominated by Weidman as he took Silva down, but Anderson showed good ability to get back up to his feet. From there, Weidman landed a brutal right hand to the ear that wobbled Silva and dropped him. On the brink of stopping the fight, Silva managed to regain his guard where Weidman spent the rest of the fight, landing ground and pound. The second round is when Silva threw a hard leg kick, but just like Weidman hinted at leading up to this fight, Weidman checked it. Unfortunately for Silva, the leg snapped and the fight was immediately stopped. Not quite the ending that many of us desired, but I do believe that Weidman is now fully deserving of the title, and can now move on to bigger and better things other than training for Anderson Silva. I picked Weidman to win by submission in the second round, but after seeing the heavy shots Weidman was throwing, I’m willing to bet he would’ve eventually gotten a TKO if the injury had not happened.

My predictions end up at 4-1 on the main card, which means I was 9-2 overall; definitely one of my better fight cards. To view my main card predictions, click here. To see my prelim review, click here