Earlier this week the Nevada State Athletic Commission released their final tally for attendance and gate for UFC 168, and the numbers pegged it as the second biggest UFC ever in that regard. But pay-per-view is where Zuffa’s financial bread is buttered, and now veteran MMA journalist Dave Meltzer – who is perhaps the most knowledgeable insider in the entire business – has gone on record with his estimate for that, and yeah, UFC 168 did monster business.

As per his weekly Wrestling Observer podcast, Meltzer says the event did over a million buys. In terms of revenue generation, that would be the December 28 event behind only UFC 100. To compare the two, UFC 168 was headlined by a pair of rematches, with Anderson Silva taking on Chris Weidman for the belt and Ronda Rousey clashing with Miesha Tate; UFC 100, which took place on July 11, 2009, saw Michael Bisping fall to Dan Henderson, Georges St. Pierre defeat Thiago Alves, Brock Lesnar smash Frank Mir. UFC 100 purportedly had a buyrate of 1.6 million.

It’s worth noting that these pay-per-view numbers are just estimates, as the UFC never releases those figures (as a privately-owned company, they don’t have to). However, Meltzer’s reputation is such that his guesses are assumed to be as close to facts as possible.