Joe Lauzon and Nate Diaz were brought into the UFC together to be part of The Ultimate Fighter’s fifth season.

Diaz would go on to win the title, but both have made an impact inside the Octagon. In fact, had Manny Gamburyan not topped Lauzon in the semifinals via decision, they would have met in the finals for the crown.

Recently, Lauzon conducted a fan Q&A session on Reddit and was asked to provide any interesting backstage stories that he might have.

Well, “J-Lau” did just that, and this one involves Diaz. Here’s what Lauzon wrote:

TUF5 Finale. They want us to do a photo shoot. They arrange to bring us to an off-site spot to do them. I get brought over and Nate Diaz is there already, he was ahead of me. They are not watching us, we are just waiting around. Well, Nate didn’t want to wait… so he walked outside.

UFC starts looking for him and are asking me where he went and I just give them “I dunno” and shrug my shoulders. I heard them talking to him on the phone.

“What do you mean? You ran back to the hotel? But thats like 3 miles and its 110 degrees outside. Really? Okay… we will come get you.”

209 do what they want.