The middleweight bout between TUF 17 alum, Bubba McDaniel, and UFC newcomer, Sean Strickland, didn’t go past the first round. Right away it was clear that Strickland’s stand-up was on another level. Even though he didn’t land anything big, or hurt McDaniel, the way he carried himself made it evident that the young 23 year old meant business.

While I’m sure Strickland would’ve preferred to bang it out with McDaniel, he didn’t have to. McDaniel and Strickland tied up, but Strickland was far stronger and took the top position. From there, Strickland wasted no time getting busy. He didn’t try and stall or waste time, he postured up and rained bombs down. Strickland’s power and pressure proved too much for McDaniel who was forced to give his back. From there, Strickland secured the rear naked choke and scored the tap out with just under a minute left in the first round.

After seeing Strickland’s UFC debut, I really want to see more of him. Not only is he physically strong and looks to be in great shape, but his technique is rock solid. His stand-up looked good for the little bit that we saw, and his ground game is excellent to as he submitted a top-notch grappler in Bubba McDaniel. Great submission win for the young prospect in Sean Strickland.