UFC 171’s co-main event featured a welterweight showcase between two of 170’s best. While the ending was a little anti-climactic, the fight showcased the sheer power of Tyron Woodley. With blistering fast right hands all throughout the first round, Woodley kept Condit’s rhythm off balance. While Condit had glimpses of success with his unorthodox kicks and quick punching combinations, he was unable to phase Woodley who stayed fairly patient; patient until he exploded, that is.

Much like Hector Lombard, it’s known that Woodley can’t go full-out blitzkrieg for a full 15 minutes. Instead, Woodley landed with flurries of powerful punches, and then took a few moments to rest as Condit would then press forward and go through his feeling out process. Woodley’s powerful right hand had Condit hurt and rattled on several occasions, but Condit still hung in tough.

Just when Woodley appeared to really be slowing down and Condit looked to be turning up the pace, a piston double-leg takedown from Woodley shocked Condit’s body. His knee tweaked on the way down and Condit grimaced with pain. From there, Woodley peppered him with punches and it appeared Condit was okay as the ref stood them up. However, a powerful leg kick to the opposite leg forced Condit’s knee to finally pop. With a twist of pain, Condit went down clutching his leg. This leaves Woodley the winner by TKO due to injury, although based on the first round alone, it was clear that Woodley’s powerful right hands were giving Condit some serious trouble.

Seeing Woodley’s impressive performance, despite an anti-climactic ending, really makes me confident he’ll be up next for the title. He was able to successfully showcase his power on the feet, but also his wrestling skills as he was able to take Condit down on several occasion. Tyron Woodley is one of the most explosive and powerful guys at 170 lbs, and after his 2nd round TKO of Carlos Condit, he’s coming for the belt.