The lightweight battle between Bermudez and Hettes went about how anyone would’ve expected it to go. Bermudez utilized his physical strength and explosive wrestling to literally toss Hettes around like he was a sack of potatoes. Bermudez tagged Hettes with punches in the clinch and also favored knees to the body and head in between explosive takedowns.

The big problem that Hettes faced was that he was unable to slow Bermudez down. It’s known that Hettes can take a punch and often has to take several in order to get the fight to where he wants, but things just never lined up for him. Bermudez kept defensive by continuously being on the attack and never letting Hettes breath.

Ultimately, the ref ended up stepping in to save Hettes in the third round. Honestly, it wasn’t unexpected as Hettes’s only chance to do anything came in the end of the second round when Hettes managed to take Bermudez’s back. Unfortunately, Hettes couldn’t manage to sink in the choke as Bermudez’s submission defense proved to be stellar. In the third round, Bermudez finally managed to score a stoppage when he dropped Hettes with a vicious knee to the body and a series of punches to close a very one-sided bout.