Two lightweights took the Octagon’s stage as long-time UFC competitor and TUF 1 alum, Diego Sanchez, battled the up-and-coming Myles Jury for a full 15-minute display. This fight could easily be described as a game of cat-and-mouse as Diego Sanchez desperately tried to pin Myles Jury against the cage and tee off with his infamous display of ferocity. Unfortunately for Diego, Myles Jury proved to be too elusive and too quick for Sanchez to catch.

Jury’s reach and technical striking was display, but the biggest thing Jury did well was stay composed. Sanchez tried to suck Jury into a brawl for the majority of the fight, and even resorted to taunting him in the first round. Jury had none of it and relied on his counter-striking to badly damage the face of Sanchez and out-point “The Dream”.

Ontop of his striking display, Jury also compiled a few takedowns throughout the bout. Sanchez looked to have a few moments of hope as he caught Jury in a guillotine in the second round, a near-armbar attempt in the third, and also what looked to be a tight guillotine choke just as the fight expired.

This was a typical Diego Sanchez fight as he pushed forward the whole time, but his opponent, Myles Jury, ultimately proved to be too smart, too fast, and too technical for Sanchez. Jury took the unanimous decision in the end, and moves up in the lightweight ladder. With an unbeaten UFC record, I’m sure this impressive victory will put Jury up there in the top 15, if not top 10.