In previewing this bout, most UFC fans made the conclusion that this fight would either result in a first round KO for Hector Lombard, or a lethargic, lack-luster decision by Shields. The verdict, to many peoples’ surprise, was actually a hybrid of both. Lombard had many chances in the first round to knock Shields out as he stuffed all of Shield’s takedown attempts and swarmed with his infamous flurries; however, Shields’s chin was game and took all Lombard could throw. With that said, Shields had almost zero offense up until a last-second guillotine choke attempt in the third round. Instead, Lombard dominated the fight as he finally had a chance to showcase his Judo.

Lombard rag-dolled Shields with explosive trips and tosses in each round as he exploited Shields inability on the feet and showcased his own physical strength. Lombard had his moments in the first round where he had Shields on the verge of a stoppage, but outside of the first 5 minutes and the takedowns throughout the fight, Lombard didn’t have much to offer either.

It was blatantly obvious that Lombard was conserving his energy. With a compact frame like Lombard has, you can’t go balls-to-the-walls for a full 15-minute round fight. Lombard went on his blitz in the first 5 minutes, was unable to secure the stoppage, and resorted to landing takedowns and laying in the guard of Shields for the rest of the fight and cruised to a clean-cut unanimous decision. One could say Lombard “Out-Shields’d” Jake Shields. Nevertheless, the last 10 minutes of the round definitely will bring back some of the critiques that surrounded him during Lombard’s first initial UFC appearances.