Two light-heavyweight dark-horses in OSP and Nikita Krylov squared off and what happened was a rare spectacle. Right away Krylov showed off what he is known for, his kicks, but St. Preux quickly threw a powerful one of his own and took Krylov down to the mat within a split second. From there, OSP utilized his strength and sheer size advantage as he muscled his way into side control. Krylov kept hold of the head to prevent him from posturing up, but what OSP did next was quite peculiar. From that position, OSP secured what is known as a “Von Flue Choke” and put Nikita Krylov to sleep at the 1:29 mark.

OSP, mostly known for his powerful striking, was finally able to showcase something we haven’t yet seen from him – his submissions. With a man as athletic and powerful as OSP is, he has all the makings to be an extremely well-rounded fighter that could easily make a great champion one day. After this performance, I’d say OSP is well on his way to being a legit contender. Given, Nikita Krylov isn’t quite at the competition level that OSP needs to be regarded as a serious contender, the performance alone is something noteworthy and should definitely put him up.

I think of OSP as one of the biggest dark-horses in the UFC’s light-heavyweight division. Coming from Strikeforce, he wasn’t regarded as one of Strikeforce’s hottest fighters to be entering the UFC. To couple that, his performances haven’t been anything of note either. For the longest time OSP was matched up with people of lesser skill level than him, but now, after this performance, I think we should definitely be seeing OSP against some top-level guys.