In a highly anticipated bout between two of the most exciting 135 lb women in the UFC, Raquel Pennington and Jessica Andrade did not disappoint in their 3-round affair by any means. Despite having a larger frame, Pennington found herself on the receiving end of takedowns courtesy of Andrade’s Judo tosses throughout the first round. While Pennington threatened with a guillotine, Andrade controlled most of the action with her takedowns and swarms of punches in the clinch.

The second and third rounds turned out to be some of the most action-packed rounds I’ve ever seen from any pair of women fighters. Andrade constantly pushed forward behind her looping punches while Pennington back-pedaled and landed combinations of straight punches. It was the brawling style of Andrade against the technical boxing of Pennington that clashed for the better part of the last two rounds.

Notably, Pennington threatened with a deep guillotine attempt, but Andrade cleared herself; however, Pennington would later go on to control most of the grappling in the later portion of the fight. Despite her control in the grappling and in the clinch, Andrade remained dangerous with her constant flow of left and right hooks as she chased Pennington down while eating crisp shots in return.

In the end, these two women went to a split decision, and the Brazilian, Andrade, was declared the winner. This was an extremely exciting fight and even though Pennington didn’t get the decision, she showcased how exciting and talented she is. This was a great fight; definitely one to watch again.