To close out UFC’s Fight Pass prelims, lightweights Renee Forte and Frank Trevino squared off for three rounds of action in what was a fairly closely contested bout. In the beginning, Forte powered through Trevino’s kicks with a flurry of punches and took the fight to the mat. On the ground, Forte was definitely the more experienced and powerful grappler. Forte took the back of Trevino and stuck to him like glue, however, he would be unable to do the same later in the bout.

As the fight progressed, Forte’s cardio began to deteriorate and Trevino started to turn up his pace. Octagon jitters are probably the cause of Trevino’s poor first round, but he made up for it in the second with clean punching and kicking combinations. While Forte showed glimpses of power in his punches, he was unable to get a clean look at Trevino who kept him at bay with a variety of kicks and solid footwork.

In the end, it all came down to the third round. Trevino showed us more of the same as he beat Forte to the punch, got off his back, defended takedowns, and even took Forte down on occasion. However, a solid takedown from Forte put Trevino’s momentum jeopardy as Renee Forte also took the back. Unfortunately, Forte’s cardio failed him and without the needed energy to keep Trevino where he wanted him, Francisco was able to slip out and go back to peppering Forte on the feet en route to a 2-to-1 unanimous decision victory.

It’ll be interesting to see Trevino in the future as his striking appears to be fairly unorthodox as he throws a variety of kicking techniques mixed with some nice spinning elbow attacks. He also showed a good chin by taking a few power shots from Forte to the head, but his grappling is definitely his weak point. Forte was able to take him down several times throughout the first two rounds. Other than that, I’m excited to see more of him.