Three bouts into the stacked UFC 171 card, we find ourselves with a bantamweight showdown between 1-0 UFC competitor, Justin Scoggins, and a very experienced Will Campuzano. The young Scoggins looked outstanding in his performance, both on the feet and on the ground. Scoggins was the faster of the two who swung with more power and looked great with his movement. He also mixed up his takedowns with his striking very well together, which is nice to see from someone primarily labeled as a “striker”.

In seeing Scoggins fight, you couldn’t tell he is primarily a karate fighter because he he didn’t look like one – he looked like an MMA fighter. Scoggins stand-up was clearly on a different level compared to Campuzano’s as he threw with pristine technique, variety, and while he didn’t put Campuzano away, he still had some good pop behind his shots. His takedowns were great and his control was solid as well. Campuzano kept busy off his back and even threatened Scoggins a few times with submission attempts, but Scoggins was one step ahead the whole time. Scoggins repeatedly passed guard, peppered Campuzano with strikes, and secured himself a clear-cut decision win.

This performance from Scoggins was impressive given the caliber of opponent he was in there against. Campuzano has fought some very stiff talent before in the past, but Scoggins seemed on a complete different level. Justin looked like a seasoned, well-rounded veteran at just 21 years of age, and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing him in the future.