Chael Sonnen’s “love” for Wanderlei Silva could best be described as non-existent.

Since his feud with Anderson Silva years ago, Sonnen has made “The Axe Murderer” a target for his shots at Brazil and other Brazilian fighters.

With the contract signed for Sonnen and Silva to fight in May, he recently told Combate about a time during the filming of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil 3 where the show was almost forced to be cancelled.

“He is so stupid…I’m so embarrassed for him,” Sonnen said. “He is a player of checkers. This mean that, ladies, you have one move at a time. If you are a chess player, I have to guess what you will do after I do something and plan my next move. I have to be three-or-four moves ahead.

“Here he comes, oh my God, he’s so stupid, and I’m not trying to insult you, stupid is a word of truth, he comes and says, ‘If you do not apologize for everything I said about Brazil, this show (will) not go ahead.’ When I refused, all he could do was give up. Then he gave up and the show stopped.”

Sonnen added that UFC president Dana White was called in an attempt to get Silva back to filming.

“I had to beg him to return,” he added. “In the end, he called a taxi and the taxi (came). The producer had to stop him in the taxi and (bring him back).”